Cancer Care at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery offers expert cancer care. From top doctors and access to the latest clinical trials to the most advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment, we provide our patients and their families with the care and attention they need and deserve.

Through advanced digital technology we are able to diagnose cancer earlier, leading to more effective treatment.  Patients benefit from computed tomography (CT or CAT scans) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using high-field tesla magnets to obtain the most precise images.

Each patient receives a personalized plan utilizing advanced options for treatment.  Our physicians use the latest technology and minimally invasive techniques and offer the following cancer treatment options to prevent cancer cells from growing, spreading or recurring. 

Chemotherapy - treatment with powerful drugs to attack cancer cells.
Hormonal therapy (also called endocrine therapy) treatment - adds, blocks or removes hormones to prevent cancer cells from multiplying
Targeted therapy - uses drugs or other substances, such as monoclonal antibodies, to identify and attack specific cancer cells.
Radiation oncology - uses X-rays and other forms of radiation to diagnose and treat disease
Surgery - An operation to remove all or part of a tumor to diagnose or treat your cancer

At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, we care for the person, not just the patient, and their family.  At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery we are more than medicine.

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